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June 4, 2011

Le Provocateur

I am a boudoir and erotic photographer. I wouldn’t dream of trying to sell you a photography session I wouldn’t personally participate in – so here you are!

One of the driving factors in my passion for this business is empowering beautiful women. I am particularly concerned with showing women who feel they are too flawed to be sexy that there is no such thing as too flawed!  Every time I photograph a woman, even the most “perfect” of girls, they find something wrong with themselves that I wouldn’t have noticed had they not pointed it out. Fashion magazines and main stream media have skewed our body images so severely we have forgotten what natural beauty is!

I am especially interested in dispelling the “I’m too fat to do that” myth. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way than to post some of my own photos, and some very honest information.

My Stats

I am 5’5″ tall and weigh around 215lbs. I wear a size 18. I do not know what my BMI is, but I do know it falls under “obese” on the scale. I have had two children by c-section, and several other abdominal surgeries, leaving me with scars everywhere. My entire abdomen is covered in stretch marks, really dark ones!  I am out of shape in every sense of the word. My boobs and my bottom have both traveled further south than I would like.

But I am still sexy.
I have flaws, but I am still HOT!

I hope that sharing these pictures gives at least one woman the courage to book a session with me in spite of her “flaws.” There’s nothing I love more than to make a woman say “I have never felt so beautiful.”


First off, this is me without ANY makeup or hair styling. Literally right after I rolled out of bed. Why post a photo like that? Because we always show everyone our “made up” selves. This is just “me.”


Some more “glam” photos…

Duos Deux

I want to point out that another photographer in Columbus ripped off my idea for this photo shoot. All the way down to how we posed. Within weeks of my posting these on Myspace I was getting emails from people telling me someone else copied my photos. If you’ve seen them, you may wonder who did it first – and my pictures came first. The knock offs were poorly lit, poorly executed, poor excuses for the originals. I don’t believe in blasting people online so I say no names – but if YOU the photographer happen upon this post YOU should be ashamed of yourself!

With THAT out of the way…

This is myself and my husband. I am sharing these with my viewers because it’s important to me to show people that I participate in what I sell! It is also an example of the fact that you do not have to be a Playboy centerfold or Calvin Klein model to take sexy couples photos! My husband and I are normal every day people, with fat, and scars… but we still look beautiful together in these shots. Why? We love each other! The emotion comes out, because that’s all thats there. These photographs are not about fashion, razzle dazzle, or even the fact that we are naked! They are about two people in love.

These were shot with three gelled lights. One was red, one was blue, one was purple. The color is not manipulated, the images look how they did out of camera.


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May 29, 2011


Christina had some many great photos from our session it was hard to pick just a few to put up on the site! I was so excited to share these, for the ladies with curves who think they will get in the way of being hot!


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Boudoir – Femme Mystique

One of my favorite boudoir photography sessions ever was with Miss Femme Mystique! What a fabulous hat!


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