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March 29, 2012

My last “big” photo shoot

As most people know, I am all about empowering the curvy girls of the world to strut their stuff and be hot without being a size 0. It’s a mission in life for me.

So when I do some great photos of myself – I share.

Well… this will be my last “big” photo shoot. At the end of this week, I am going to start exercising my ass off… literally – so I wanted to post one more “yes big girls can be hot” photo set of myself before I embark on my journey. I plan to lose about 80 pounds so any further photos of me will look quite different (let’s hope anyway).

I won’t be a size 0 when I am done. Personally, that is not what I find attractive. I just want to be healthy and fit for many reasons. So traitor I am not :)

Wish me luck – and big girls – be as bad as you wanna be!


March 23, 2012


Sidney’s photo shoot was one of my favorites of all time. I had never shot a body builder, and I rarely shoot men, so it was something different and new for me. I got to try out lighting in ways I usually do not use, and I love the results!

Sidney is getting ready for a body building competition.

Good luck with your competition Sidney I hope you blow them all away!


March 22, 2012

Whatever Tickles Your Pickle

Sometimes people will just ask me “I am in to this and that, do you photograph that?” Other times, I am photographing someone and I can just tell they would REALLY like to be doing something else, but are afraid to ask. In these cases, I will not make suggestions, because I could be wrong and I don’t like to mess with the vibe during my shoots.

To be clear on this subject – I don’t judge people for what they are in to. I don’t get “freaked out” or think they are “weirdos” for any reason. I have been around a LOT of different things in my years on this earth. I’ve traveled to conventions, gone to many a show, attended parties, been to the swinger’s clubs. Personally I am intrigued by the many facets of sexuality, whether they are what some folks would consider “normal” or not.

Believe me, there are lots of freaky people in the world – you are not the first, or last, I will encounter. And if you think you are the freakiest I can guarantee you, you are not! :)

So whatever you are in to, take the time you are spending with me during a photo shoot to let that inner self be free. This is a private session, no one is going to know about it (well unless you show them or tell me to put the photos on the website). It is a judge free zone! Be as freaky as you want to be – and look good doing it!