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Le Provocateur. Literally translated this means “The Provoker.” Ultimately that is what I am and so I chose to use this pseudonym for particular facets of my body of work. I use this name as a stage name when I perform as well. In a way Le Provocateur is a persona of it’s own. It is the artist within me, the state of mind you might find me in when I am working on some kind of provocative work. It likes to play with your mind, get you to test your own boundaries, make you think twice. It may manifest in a masculine way, or feminine, or more likely than not a little of both to make you raise a brow.

While my persona is a reflection of myself, I am a normal every day woman. I have two kids, a husband, dogs… in every day life I blend in to the crowd when I want to. Usually if I am making a public appearance though, I am quite a drag queen. I am very easy to talk to, even though I take pictures in situations that most people would find quite uncomfortable there are always plenty of laughs and shenanigans on set!

My art is influenced by my life, which has been hard. I have always been drawn to erotica. I couldn’t fully explain why. I am sure there are some Freudian things going on that have to do with the untimely death of my mother and other childhood trauma – but of all things I have learned in my life I have learned to go with the flow! I find myself inspired by things that most people find controversial. I like to know my subject, and maybe paint them in a light one normally does not see.


Provocatique, what does it all mean? It means provocative – boutique. I have been taking photographs of a provocative nature for years now, but haven’t had anywhere to really showcase them. I am also a family and commercial photographer, you can imagine how reactions to this type of work might be say… to a charitable organization. I literally had a wedding and a fetish event in one weekend in 2007. Then I had a customer’s teenage son perusing my gallery on the internet…. something had to give! All this time I have gravitated toward my provocative work, thinking to myself “how do I work this in to something?” Finally I realized it was all provocative, and that I needed to start a boutique photography studio – so Provocatique was born!


To explore visually as many facets of the infinitely diverse world of human sexuality as possible while offering my clients the ultimate creative outlet for creating their own experience. Specializing in femme mystique and gender exploration, this company will endeavor to provide an accurate, respectful, tasteful exploration of any and all fantasies imaginable without judgement or pre-conceived notions about any given scene. As long as it is safe, sane, and consensual I will photograph it with an objective lens. Privacy and discretion are of utmost importance in this line of work, and no image will ever be viewed by the public without expressed permission of my client.

I want my clients to feel beautiful and sexy – this is my ultimate goal! I want people who have “never taken a good picture” to weep when they see how great they look when they are allowed to just let loose and be hot! If you remember one thing from this entire page remember this: IT IS OK TO BE SEXY!


It is pretty hard to describe my style! In most situations, I prefer to remain as unobtrusive as possible and let the scene unfold as organically as a photographer can. I do not like to heavily manipulate my images. In most cases the post production work involved is of traditional darkroom nature. I am very drawn to black and white, high contrast, and high grain. I think the digital revolution created a mass of boring clean color crisp no grain images – let’s shake it up a bit! The exception to this rule would be my pin up work, I do like to keep it traditional which is usually bright and colorful. This is why my style is hard to explain! I let my images speak for themselves…

I like to collaborate with my subjects. The best shoots are the ones where someone comes to me and says “oh I have this idea” and I am able to build a shoot around it. They are your photographs. Your intimate photographs! They really should be a reflection of you.


Need more info? Browse over to the contact page and send me an email! Or check out the FAQ here.