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Do you provide wardrobe?

I do not provide wardrobe for photo shoots. I work with too extensive a clientele to be able to store that amount of clothing and props. Usually clients have sufficient wardrobe hanging around their home, and just do not realize it! I take a quick minute or two to help you pick out your attire when I arrive if you need help. I will also help clients conceptualize and create wardrobe for very specific ideas – just ask and I will give you input!


Do you provide hair and makeup stylists?

Hair and makeup stylists are not included in your session price, but are available for an additional fee. If you require styling please let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements with the stylist to be on set. I also work with local salons that you may visit before your appointment.


Do you have a studio?

I do not have a studio. I have found with this type of work, most people actually prefer that we do the shoot in their home – so I work mostly in client’s homes. Sometimes clients will rent hotel rooms. I also work outdoors when weather permits.


How many photos will I receive?

I don’t guarantee a number. I am about quality not quantity. I feel that any photographer who is aiming to give you some huge number is just doing a disservice to you as a customer. It also depends on the shoot, the client, the vibe… too many variables to nail down a number. I will say that a typical 1 hour shoot yields about 50-100 photos.


I am in to “____” is that too weird?

Probably not! I have mingled with various groups, checked out many fetishes, and witnessed many things. There are not many fantasies or kinks that scare me off. As long as it is sane, consensual, and legal – I am all for it! The only kink I can think of right off the top of my head that I will not photograph is scat play. While I am completely open minded to everyone doing what they like,  I just can’t stomach that physically – nobody wants the photographer to hurl on set. Obviously animal play and anything to do with minors is out (and I will report you if you ask – yes that has happened). Everything else as far as I am concerned is fair game – don’t be afraid to ask about letting your fantasies run wild!


Will you work with gay couples?

ABSOLUTELY! I find it sad that I even need to include this question – but it has been asked enough that I want to just make it clear. YES I will work with gay couples. Male/male or female/female or whatever combination you have going on! I am a proud member of the LGBT community and actually PREFER to work with “my people.”


Will you work with poly relationships?

YES! Threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, the more the merrier!