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Be A Model

Models are needed for photo shoots of an erotic nature in every kind of situation imaginable!

Non-Paid Assignments (TFP/CD)
I create fine art erotic photography for sale, when I need a model I will accept them on a “time for print” or “time for CD” basis ONLY when I am in need of a model. I have found over the years that working on a “time for” basis just to take pictures creates headaches so I just don’t do it. I also do not like to work with completely inexperienced models, and I seemed to run in to nothing but when I attempted to work that way. In my opinion my “time for” shoots are MUTUALLY beneficial! I am not an amateur looking for experience. Your photos will be quality, and that is usually payment enough.

Paid Assignments
I also offer paid assignments to models! Le Voyeur is a service of mine that allows my client to order up a fantasy in photos. As I am being paid for this service, I pay my models. These assignments are ONLY offered to EXPERIENCED erotic photography models! Models for paid assignments are paid based on the level sexual activity required in the series. as it is a service of mine to allow my clients to order up their fantasies!

EVERY Provocatique photo shoot that is done outside of the “for hire” (i.e. you are a paying client) realm requires a model release AND photo copy of your state registered identification that verifies your age. It is the law in some instances depending on the subject matter, and for my own protection it is my policy. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BE PREPARED! You will be turned away, and I will not schedule further shoots if you show up without ID!

If you would like to be contacted when a shoot becomes available either paid or non-paid (or both!) please fill out the contact form below and you will be included on my mailing list. Please be thorough in your descriptions, and feel free to upload a shot of yourself for my reference! The more I know about your physical appearance the better, sometimes I am in need of very specific looks!

Contact Info


Please be descriptive, there are times I need clean skin in specific body areas. Include tattoos and piercings. If you have full pieces include them (i.e. sleeves).


Please honest with your answer. It is important to me that my work portraying different orientations is accurate. I am not interested in "gay for pay" models.

Verify and Submit


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