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Commissions available from tame to insane for individuals and professionals alike. The following are the most popular types of shoots available, but is by no means the end all of what we do. If you do not find your pleasure on the menu simply send us a request and you will receive a quote!

Heat Guide

Each photo session has a corresponding “heat meter.” Pricing is structured to move along with the heat meter. My prices reflect the overall time, post production work, and “comfort level” of both myself and the subject during the shoot. “One Flame” photo shoots involve no nudity, and therefore are less intense than a “Four Flame” session and they are priced accordingly. “One Flame” representing a “oh that’s hot” session to “Four Flames” representing potential for full on pornographic material!


Heat Meter One Flame

One flame means this session is ultimately PG-13. It may be suggestive but there is no nudity, and no sexual activity involved in the shoot.

Heat Meter Two Flames

Two flames means this session is a little spicier than the one flame sessions. There may be topless nudity, or light sexual activity but nothing beyond what I like to call “second base” or “heavy petting”

Heat Meter Three Flames

Three flames means this session is getting pretty hot! There may be full nudity and obvious sexual situations but no actual intercourse or oral sexual activity below the waist. You might compare it as “Cinemax porn” as opposed to “actual porn” or NC 17 rated instead of X.

Heat Meter Four Flames

Four flames means you are truly “getting it on” there will be full nudity, penetration, obvious sexual intercourse. It’s called “Le Porn Star” for a reason!


Provocative Parties Header
Glam Girls Preview Image
Glam Girls Price and HeatGallery and Info
Get a group of 10 people or more together for quick mini sessions and have a photo party! Your photography party is as sexy as you and your attendees want it to be!
Glam Girls Header
Glam Girls Preview Image
Glam Girls Price and HeatGallery and Info
Glam Girl photo sessions are the easiest way for ladies to let their sassy side shine! These sessions are fully clothed usually involving a fabulous dress and maybe some lingerie. Not a traditional glamor photography session.Get en vouge and haute!
Le Bombshell Header
Le Bombshell Preview Image
Le Bombshell Price and HeatGallery and Info
Pin up photography sessions let your inner Bettie shine and create some unforgettable images in the process! Pin up is meant to leave something to the imagination, where does yours take you?
Menage Header
Menage Sessions Preview Image
Glam Girls Price and HeatGallery and Info
Menage does not always include trois! Then again why call it couples when some prefer more than one partner? Whatever number your menage holds this session is for you and your partner(s) to take some hot photos together!
Professional Session Header
Le Professional Preview Image
Le Professional Price and HeatGallery and Info
Photography for provocative industry professionals. Whether you produce provocative fashion or performance art these sessions are for you!
Le Provocateur Header
Le Provocateur Session Preview Image
Le Provocateur Price and HeatGallery and Info
Le Provocateur sessions take their name from the artist’s own fascination with gender bending. Explore your anima and/or animus with a little gender bending of your own!
Provocative Events Header
Provocative Events Preview Image
Provocative Events Price and HeatGallery and Info
Throwing an event that may just scare your every day photographer! Look no further! I provide an excellent artistic documentary of your event without prejudice, and more importantly without making your attendees wonder “where did they find this guy?”
Le Kinkster Header
Glam Girls Preview Image
Glam Girls Price and HeatGallery and Info
Le Kinkster sessions are for those who are in to things that some may call extra special. For the fetishist, the sadist, the masochist, and everyone in between to explore their kinky side!
Le Exhibitionists Header
Le Exhibitionists Preview Image
Le Exhibitionists Price and HeatGallery and Info
Le Exhibitionists are those who would like to take their clothes off, and be photographed doing things of a sexual nature either alone or with a partner(s). These sessions can go as far as “third base” before they are through…
Le Porn Stars Header
Le Porn Stars Preview Image
Le Porn Stars Price and HeatGallery and Info
Le Porn Stars are… you guessed it… those who want to go all the way! Tired of those ugly amateur porn photos you have been taking of yourselves? Hire a professional! These sessions involve very explicit acts, intercourse, and all things hot and heavy!
Le Porn Stars Header
Le Voyeur Preview Image
Le Porn Stars Price and HeatGallery and Info
Le Voyeur is an eccentric art collector in search of the ultimate in erotic art couture. He or she will receive a completely original body of work that is created with his or her fantasy description. Let your imagination run wild. Want to see two blonds standing on a carpet of spaghetti-o’s fighting over a four leaf clover? I’ll make it happen!


If you haven’t seen what you are looking for never fear! Custom sessions, day rates, and complete recreations of fantasies are available! Just head over to the contact page and send a request to me. There is no assignment I will not tackle as long as it is safe, sane and consensual!

Not ready to commission a fantasy just yet? Submit your fantasy, and some day you might see it fulfilled!