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June 2, 2011

What Makes YOU Hot?

My ultimate goal as an erotic photographer is to create art that reflects what my viewers themselves think is sexy. Of course I put my own creative spin on everything I do, but the “it” factor in my work is the audience’s own desire.

To reflect the viewer’s own desire is a pretty lofty goal, since my audience is so diverse. Men, women, gender neutral, gender fucked! Young and old. Gay, straight, in between. Monogamous, polygamous. Different cultures, different experiences.

So I collect fantasies from fans. I am willing to listen to anyone who will talk!

The idea comes from the “old days” when they had underground magazines that would run dirty editorials based on reader feedback.

People can be in to some unusual things. What tickles YOUR pickle?

Head over to the Fantasies page and submit a story, or just a collection of thoughts!

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