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April 27, 2012

Pride 2010

Another event I forgot to post – Pride 2010! I missed 2011 due to a surgery, I am so ready for 2012. Look for our hot pink gay hotness in the parade our float is always chock full of hot girls and hard to miss!


The Evolved crew was right behind us. I usually float with them but at last minute ended up driving for Viva! and The Velvet Hearts


Our motley crew. Isn’t that a hot banner? Photo, design, and printing by yours truly – should you need some promotional merch of your own you should give me a shout ;)

The Wall Street float – we stayed close behind as Viva! was part of the flash mob (which kicked ass if you miss it so sorry for your loss)

Thats right, our float was wearing rainbow pasties at the pride parade :D

Hello Kitty  swag compliments Lindsay Hearts


Awe <3

Poor Kitty. And some fun from an art car.

Bella Sin heating up the scene

Most creative use of garland goes to….

Another fabulous banner by moi – photo design and print. You know you want one! I designed her website too… but don’t ask me for one of those… I am no longer in the business of web design. But you can admire the design and know who did it all you want! :)

I think this might be my favorite photo of Viva! Poor Viva! Her Wall Street t-shirt was being murdered!

We will excuse Lindsay’s duck lips… just this once LOL

Dex shaking his tail feather. And most creative use of Equality Ohio stickers goes to….

Ah the ladies love Le Provocateur… I rode around like that all day. Because I’m a pimp, and that’s how a pimp do.


Pride 2012 is the weekend of June 15th – don’t miss it! Pride Columbus

Velvet Hearts Hot Spot

I don’t even know how these photos got missed when I put everything up!

This was my first time on stage, performing with Viva! and The Velvet Hearts – and of course I picked a time when I had to sing live to pop my stage cherry – talk about nerves! We did a fabulous job though. I miss performing with my ladies.


We sang Fever for a hot spot at Wall Street Nightclub I don’t even remember when this was – a while ago!


Backstage we passed around a makeup brush for practice :D


And we took turns with the mic while the ladies did their thing

Look at Rumor go tssssss! That would be Le Provocateur in the pimp swag…

April 24, 2012

Fan Art – Margeaux Rita and Viva Valezz!

I just had to share this fabulous drawing by Lilly Holiday  of one of my photos of Viva Valezz! and Margeaux Rita during a burlesque performance at 2011 A Boob Odyssey ! <3


Goddess Intensive Weekend – Get A Mini Shoot and Sultry Instruction

I will be doing mini shoots for attendees at the Goddess Intensive Weekend this Sunday at Bill Howard dance studio. It is a two day event, I will be there Sunday only. Great opportunity for some hot photos on a budget!


For more info: