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Photo Parties

Having a large get together of hot people who want to take some hot photos? Throw a provocative photography party!

Parties range from tame to insane from basic boudoir photography parties perfect for a girls night in to full blown erotic photography parties suitable for a swing party or other adult get together. PROPER ID is required from each participant if nudity and sexual activity is to be photographed!

Starting at $50.00 per person/couple Provocative Parties are perfect for:

  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Girls Night In
  • Toy Parties
  • Sex Seminars
  • Kink Conventions
  • Swinger Events
  • Any event full of sexy people!


How does it work?

I work together with the host of the party to find a place at the venue (which can be your home!) for me to set up a mini studio. We can create a set that fits your party theme with props and a backdrop, or we can use existing decor and furniture for a more natural looking scene. Your attendees come in to the area (we try to make it private for comfort!) and have their one on one session, then return to the party! That’s it!

Provocative Parties require a minimum attendance of 10 people or couples, or 10 mini sessions at the time of booking. A $100.00 retainer fee is required to hold book your party date, with the balance for your scheduled attendees due 5 business days prior to your event. For large scale events thrown by professional organizations, online voucher sales are available prior to the event.

Each attendee will receive a quick 15-20 minute mini session. During this session they will pose for several photographs, which will be individually color and contrast corrected and made available as a download online within 1 week. These downloads provide attendees with images suitable for viewing on screen and printable up to a 4×6. Attendees also receive a credit toward a full session purchase in the future equal to DOUBLE their Provocative Party session fee!

Print products will be available to attendees for all images. Individual high resolution images are available for purchase for private use as well.

Per person fees are based on the Heat Guide

  • 1 Flame – 50.00 per person/couple
  • 2 Flames – 75.00 per person/couple
  • 3 Flames – 100.00 per person/couple
  • 4 Flames – 150.00 per person/couple

Each photo session has a corresponding “heat meter.” Pricing is structured to move along with the heat meter. My prices reflect the overall time, post production work, and “comfort level” of both myself and the subject during the shoot. “One Flame” photo shoots involve no nudity, and therefore are less intense than a “Four Flame” session and they are priced accordingly. “One Flame” representing a “oh that’s hot” session to “Four Flames” representing potential for full on pornographic material!


Heat Meter One Flame

One flame means this session is ultimately PG-13. It may be suggestive but there is no nudity, and no sexual activity involved in the shoot.

Heat Meter Two Flames

Two flames means this session is a little spicier than the one flame sessions. There may be topless nudity, or light sexual activity but nothing beyond what I like to call “second base” or “heavy petting”

Heat Meter Three Flames

Three flames means this session is getting pretty hot! There may be full nudity and obvious sexual situations but no actual intercourse or oral sexual activity below the waist. You might compare it as “Cinemax porn” as opposed to “actual porn” or NC 17 rated instead of X.

Heat Meter Four Flames

Four flames means you are truly “getting it on” there will be full nudity, penetration, obvious sexual intercourse. It’s called “Le Porn Star” for a reason!

Ready to book your Provocative Party? Head over to the contact page and send me a request!