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What’s Your Fantasy?

For me, erotic photography is more than just pictures of people “doing it” or of what people “do it to themselves” to. It is a study in human psychology. I am very intrigued and inspired by the vast sea of fantasy out there, in your minds!

I am most excited about creating pieces from feedback I receive on the site! I will take your thoughts and descriptions and turn them in to ideas for art pieces. I may take one word, or a whole story. I may not work on it for 4 years. Submission is no guarantee that you will see an art piece created from your submission and/or on the website.

If you would like to request a personal commission please indicate so on your submission, and I will send you a personalized quote for a Le Voyeur session tailor made for you!

This is not just about particular stories that you have either experienced or would like to. It is about what attracts you, deep down what does it for you. It might just be “red hair” or “feet” and that is great. But try to elaborate. How about “long wavy red hair, the way it falls over a woman’s breast” or “small feet with pink toenails and fishnet stockings” instead? Be as descriptive or non descriptive, as you like. This is about YOUR perceptions, and YOUR turn ons. Don’t feel pressured to say anything profound!

User submitted fantasies are kept private. This submission page sends an email to ONE PERSON – ME. I take the content of the submission, paste it in to a database that is stored on my secure drive without any indication as to who the information came from. Though they are subject to creation of images, writings, and postings on the internet -they ALWAYS anonymously posted on the website. I respect your privacy, and feel privileged to be allowed to peek in to your innermost desires! Viewing the posts in this category will show you how your own thoughts will look when posted online.