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November 24, 2011


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Black Friday is so hectic and just… bleh. I prefer to be fabulous and exciting, and being the big queer that I am have decided that MY holiday kick of sale will be RAINBOW THURSDAY!

This will be an annual sale starting this year, that will offer an insane deal not available at any other time of the year! And every year I will offer a special bonus item to my GLBT community clients, because they are what make my business thrive, and I  am certainly THANKFUL for them on Thanksgiving day!


THIS year for EVERYONE I am offering 50% off gift certificates! HALF OFF!
These make a HOT Christmas gift! Buy one for your girl, buy some for yourself, and give your photos to your guy (or girl, or both wink wink).

These certificates are good for 2 years, available in any amount (in increments of $25.00), and can be used to purchase ANY Provocatique service or product – INCLUDING future sales!!!

So let’s say you’d like a boudoir shoot, which is $200.00. You plan on doing it in the spring. You purchase $200.00 worth of gift certificates now for $100.00, and get the session half off!

You may also use the certificates for products!

Head over to the store – use coupon code RAINBOW upon checkout. Please note the updated balance is visible at the bottom of your cart, and on your payment screen!

Gift certificates are available up to any amount in $25.00 increments. Gift certificates are valid toward purchase of photography services, prints, and fine art products only. Certificates are good for 24 months from the date of purchase, and have no cash value.




Price: $25.00


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My GLBT offer this year is $100.00 off a Menage shoot. These shoots are for couples, or if you are in a poly relationship, moresomes! These shoots start at $200.00 for a one hour shoot, take the $100.00 off, AND buy a half off gift certificate and you are only paying $50.00 for your session!!

$50.00 deposits are required for booking on this sale – if you are buying gift certificates this is not required!!! Simply email or call 614-835-6684 to book your session and advise me that you have purchased the half off gift certificates in the amount of $100.00 and you are ready to go!

For deposits:

$100.00 off Menage sessions FOR GLBT COMMUNITY ONLY!!!! When I show up for your session, you must be a same sex, poly with same sex, or  transgender partner relationship OR YOU DO NOT GET THIS PRICE!

If you purchase this session, and I come to your shoot, and there are no gay people... you will be charged the additional $100.00 for the Menage session for non GLBT community

These sessions are normally $200.00 - get them for $100.00 on Rainbow Thursday and Black Friday! Purchase 50% off gift certificates on Rainbow Thursday (use coupon code RAINBOW) and you are getting this session for only $50.00!!!

Menage sessions are hot couples photos - or for those who are poly, trios, foursomes, and moresomes! For all the details check out the commissions page for Menage sessions.

This purchase of $50.00 is your deposit. It is non refundable. In the event of cancellation you will receive a $50.00 credit toward a regular priced session on a future date. The balance of $50.00 is due the day of your shoot.


If you are a certificate holder please call 614-835-6684 or email to schedule. 



Price: $100.00


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